Rail Freight Growth Target Call for Evidence

Closes 27 Sep 2022


This call for evidence is a key way in which we are engaging with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure the growth target options we present to the Secretary of State will be based on robust, evidence-based foundations. We want this call for evidence to provide the opportunity for full and meaningful participation. This is why we are seeking to consider the perspectives of stakeholders both within and beyond the rail and logistics sectors.

There are two parts to this call for evidence:
- Part One: Meeting customers' needs, and
- Part Two: Designing a growth target.

The questions in Part One are primarily aimed at customers, logistics companies and organisations, both inside and outside the rail sector, that have an active role in the movement of freight. These questions aim to supplement our current understanding of market demand and forecast growth, through a qualitative exercise that will help us to understand the appetite for moving more freight by rail and to identify the size of the freight market that could realistically be moved by rail.

Part Two is aimed at a larger audience of stakeholders both inside and outside the rail sector. These questions are intended to seek views on how important rail freight growth is to you or your organisation, and how a rail freight growth target can be designed and implemented to achieve the desired outcome.

We have grouped the questions into several themes. You can answer as many of them as are of interest and relevance to you or your organisation. Please provide as much evidence, based on credible data or verifiable qualitative information (such as examples and case studies), as you can to support your submission.

We recommend you read the Call for Evidence document in full before submitting your response.

Call for Evidence Document

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